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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Red Dead Redemption

I've been playing this game all day, it's pretty sweet. It has guns and horses and cowboys and shit. And lassos! Oh man, lassos. I lassoed this bitch, tied her up and dropped her on the train tracks. Hell yeah. Then I waited close to 10 minutes for the fucking train to come along, what a waste of time and just to put insult to injury it wasn't even that gory or anything. There is, however, no moral to this story. Other than that cowboys are still badass despite what that stupid fucking Brokeback Mountain movie wants you to think. It must be gay propaganda. Cowboys don't take shit from nobody.

I'm a cowboy, motherfucker. The only downside to being a cowboy is that there are people out there trying to stop whatever badass things you want to do. You know, sheriffs and stuff. I'm not too sure if a sheriff actually qualifies as being a cowboy himself, but he's a cowboy killer. He kills cowboys. Well only if he's good I guess, if not I suppose the cowboys kill him. A Day in Black and White are a band that support the killing of cowboys. How edgy is that?

A Day in Black and White - My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys


  1. dude how awesome is rdr i am at 77% completion the game ruleeeseseses

  2. ahaha I just started playing yesterday I'm not that far yet but it fucking rules

  3. i love bounty hunting and killing animals game is amazing