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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Nick Cave references are fucking hard to make when it's only two words and you can't actually convey what it sounds like bar some lame half-assed onomatopoeia.


Anyways I'd like to follow on from Slightly's post about what I'd like to refer to as "sandwich makers" but can't for fear of coming off as disgustingly sexist. And plus I'd be afraid that these guys would sue me.

Anyways, yes. Let me present you with this:

That's Dianna Agron from the musical TV comedy Glee, and as you can see she is gorgeous.
Now It'd be very bold to say she was the hottest thing that's ever walked the planet, but let me provide some food for thought:


That smile, in which the whitest teeth are revealed by those impossibly impeccable DSL* and the perfect way they come together at flawless junctions at either side of her mouth seems to be inviting me to go places no one, man or woman, would object to going. I subject myself to you Dianna and accept your invitation. Take me now and I will be yours forever after. And we will dance around bonfires with leaves and flowers in our hair, and be merry with red wine in our hands and figs we picked from wild bushes in little cane baskets hanging in the crooks of our elbows.

And we can listen to this always.