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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cooking + Myrkgrav

It's funny when cafeterias try and prepare dishes with more gastronomic credibility than say, a chicken schnitzel. It's like they're attempting to show us that even though they're stuck spooning out fish and chips to young men and women who don't spare them so much as a second glance, they could too make good food, but they just choose not to. Now I wouldn't have a problem with this if they actually lived up to the expectations their ambitious meal choices forced on us, but they don't. Today, for example, I was treated to a choice between nachos, veggie patties and some chinese-style stir fry complete with bits of chicken and hokkien noodles. I'm a big fan of nachos and veggie patties, but the thought of having stir fry soon extinguished my chances at having either of those. I mean, nachos are standard cafeteria fare, as are veggie patties if there is an indignant vegetarian within a half mile radius of the place, but come on: HOKKIEN NOODLES.

How fucking good does that look.

It's amazing how delicious hunger can make even the crappiest food seem.
Anyways long story short, my meal sucked and I ended up with an empty belly (well that's not true I had some tiny teddies fuck yeah tiny teddies.)

My point is that when cafeterias trying something even remotely fancy and ambitious it is bound to end in failure. If Blink-182 tried to write a symphony everyone would be like fuck off and go back to writing 3 min pop songs, so why is it ok for this kind of tomfoolery allowed to happen in the kitchen? It shouldn't be and I'm fucking taking a stand.

On a side note heres some fantastic folk/black metal for y'all