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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LyRix oV tHe DaayYy

More like lyrics of the gay, am I right? No I'm not right, it's Pg.99, motherfuckers.

You are every ounce of horror, every reminding second of a completely terrible life. You’re the single most constant mistake of why most my body aches, and from the cold, iron shackles you locked around my heart to the chunks of my life you picked out from your teeth. I remember for a second about the person I used to be. (- We Left As Skeletons)

I can't fucking stand people.

Pg.99 - Document #8

Hope you appreciate this is the only post of it's kind that will ever exist since qwe doesn't like homos. He's a homophobe. A fag hater. It's okay I still love him though, we're tight not loose like the title of this blog might suggest.