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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chalk Talk - Killing Spree

old news for old people. This little ep came out in late 2009 and it's pretty irrelevant as far as music listening goes, but fuck is it fun.

Alright so I posted that because I couldn't find the album artwork, but look at those fucking dudes. When listening to these dudes sing off tuned to really simple hardcore songs, with a surprising yet noticeable surf tint, you feel comforted with a sort of relatability in the vein of Titus Andronicus(the distinction being that Titus Andronicus is actually self-aware about this sort of shit and sing about it with this springsteen-esque boldness, thus making them not losers). That's right....this is loser music for losers and it's awesome. Not exactly inventive or even the most exciting music, but it brings me back and brings a smile, so click the link down there.


  1. prob wont listen to this but thanks for posting!

  2. i've ran into these people at a number of gigs. never actually spoken to them, but they seem nice enough.