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Friday, July 30, 2010

Kyte - Kyte

Been back at uni for a few days, has been interesting, more interesting than I'd anticipated actually. Have really been into Kyte at the moment. They're a dream pop/shoegazey/post rock concoction from Leicestershire in England. Their music is fairly unoriginal but it's so well done and beautiful that those reservations I had about it were quickly shunted aside. Vocals also do the trick. They're quite subtle too; you'll hear something in the music that you didn't notice had been incorporated, like a violin hum or an electronic shimmer. The production on this is also quite interesting. It was all recorded in one of the band members' bedrooms, lending a quite ethereal effect to the music, as a lot of the instrument tracks bleed into one another in the music.

very pretty listen.

Here's the opening track and lead single from the album, "Planet:"

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