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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Keyboards and Cthulhu?

So keyboards are pretty sucky for the most part, right? I mean sure that's a pretty huge generalisation but when I think keyboards I think lame synthcore or stupidly overblown faux-black metal and, well, that shit sucks. You know something that doesn't suck though? Cthulhu. After having wound up with Cthulhu as my deity after doing this I've decided that he's one badass motherfucker.

He'll eat your kids and he won't think a fucking thing of it, no sir.

What revelance does he have to keyboards, however? Well, Teen Cthulhu are a hardcore band with keyboards that don't suck dick. In fact they're really fucking cool. All raw and pissed off and angry except different because they have keyboards and incorporate black metal into it all. Plus they have Cthulhu in their name and I kind of have a huge boner for that right now.

Teen Cthulhu - Ride The Blade

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