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Saturday, July 17, 2010


So yeah got back from Europe today. Has been pretty sweet. Visited Rome, Florence, Vienna and Prague.

Rome was sweet except the only song MTV ever played was this fucking one:

I mean it was hilarious but lost much of its appeal around the second time.

Vienna and Florence were both really interesting but after Rome they lacked some oomph.

Prague is actually the best city ever and anyone who likes good things should go there and revel in the amazingness that is Prague. It has cheap, amazing food, cheap, amazing beer and it's got history coming out of its ass.

Just don't go on a fucking segway tour.


If there's one thing you cannot possibly look cool doing, whoever you are, wherever you are and however you do it, is riding a segway.

see? they're fucking POLICEMEN with GUNS and they still don't look cool.

Even I didn't.

Alas my memories of the Czech Republic will always be tainted by such an experience.

Anyways, I decided to do a triple album thingy, each album coming from one of the countries I visited, Italy, Austria and The Czech Republic.


Forgotten Tomb - Springtime Depression

Depressive Blackened Doom Metal basically. Idk some say it's blackened doom some say it's depressive black so I combined the two in case there's actually a difference between the genres. Production is cool. Crisp but with that edge of coldness that gives the guitars that luverly saw like quality we like our black metal to have here on LTL. Songs are long, atmospheric and very accessible. Vocals rule too. Cmon, doomy atmosphericy black metal. Listen.


Fennesz - Venice

This guy is a superb ambient artist who has released about three really great albums under this moniker.

Czech Republic

Bedřich Smetana - Má vlast

Classical music from the later 1800s that includes influences from Czech folk music and liberal use of tone painting. Má vlast is a series of six musical pieces that describe the wonders of the Czech land through sound. The highlight is undoubtedly the amazing "Vltava" which describes a river. Its use of flutes to illustrate a flowing river is stunning. Smetana is regarded as the father of Czech music. This really is a brilliant piece. Cannot recommend this highly enough. Here's Vltava for you. Just listen to its opening.

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