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Monday, July 4, 2011

I Have Dreams - Three Days 'Til Christmas

This would've been totally hilarious if I posted this three days before Christmas but I'm not, it's nowhere near Christmas. In fact, it's probably as far from Christmas as you can get and I don't give a shit because this album has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. Fuck Christmas, I don't care for it. Hell, it's not even an album, it's an EP. Extended play. As opposed to a long play? Extended sounds like it ought to be longer than long. Shit, I don't care. This is the soundtrack to your girlfriend breaking up with you and getting together with some piece of shit junkie trash and making dumb twitter statuses about how she loves her boy dumb amounts and couldn't be happier while you continue to be a worthless loser going nowhere in life fast, but fuck it you get to play Oblivion all day and Skyrim's coming out in November and you don't need a girlfriend because video games are way better anyway and they won't break your fragile little emo heart.

Three Days 'Til Christmas


  1. yo i looked it up morrowinds ingame area is like 10sqkm and oblivs is 16 how fucked is that

  2. I don't really believe that, morrowind seemed bigger when I played. Though I think that might be because the morrowind world is a lot more idk exotic, like oblivion everywhere looks pretty much the same whereas morrowind everywhere had it's own feel to it and Vivec the floating city was fucking badass.

  3. it's just a shame the combat system in morrowind was so abysmal otherwise it would've been fucking insane, so stoked on skyrim right now

  4. its just a shame the you rgay in gaybutts was so agaysmal (ownd)0d