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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hey there ladies and gents

Hey guys. I thought of a few ways to say hi, then I decided on a simple one: a story.

Here's a tale for all of you who have ever been in reach of a wonderful girl only to realize she's cut off your hands.

If you don't give a shit, feel free to skip to the bottom for good music.

Me and this girl have been friends for about 2 years. We've always gotten along great, but for no real good reason, we hadn't maintained very good contact. I'd met her through a mutual friend who once helped me out of a tight spot (physically, booya), and at the time this girl (the first one) had a longstanding failing relationship with a guy. This girl is perfect, just perfect. I mean, just think of the exact girl you'd always want to be with: this is her, for me.

I hung out with her a few times about a year-ish later, when she was just out of aforementioned relationship and was starting to see a new guy. I don't know if you guys know the feeling, but man, this girl just made being myself so easy.

Regardless, we fall out of contact again. She gets in another failing (though not violently bad) relationship with the new guy. A year passes. We start talking again. We make spur of the moment plans to hang out, and end up spending the entire night together. This was after a conversation where I confessed I liked her quite a bit and she said the tired song about 'well, I don't know if I feel that way about you'. She admitted, however, that her opinions might have been biased based on the fact that, when she met with me previously, she was already in a relationship.

To cut it short, the night went perfectly. We ended up at her place, watching one of my favorite movies (Memento, watch it immediately), and, with her permission (this is key), we kissed. I thought things went great, though of course, I sensed things maybe didn't go as well as they could have.

The next day, I got perhaps the most insultingly unsatisfying rejection text (yes, a TEXT) on my phone. Friend zoned. Now, man, the weird fucking thing about this is she even admits being attractive to me. I don't get it. What fucking more could there even be? What do you do when you're so close to what you want and it's still so far away?

So, I said to myself...

I guess... fuck bitches; get money.

Here's an album I've been digging for awhile. Good ass trip hop. Beautiful vocals, good beats. Some nice jazz influences. Mostly instrumental, but the songs that aren't are eerily good. Maybe it's been posted before. Whatever. If it has, Dom will yell at me and I'll fix it. Night ya'll

Blue Sky Black Death: Late Night Cinema


  1. was wondering where the idea for a story came from... fuck bitches indeed.

    welcome aboard man.

  2. story owned especially the fuck bitches get money part