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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brendan Perry - Eye of the Hunter

Brendan Perry is the male half of brilliant Australian gothic/neoclassical/post punk act Dead Can Dance. His solo music definitely carries some of the aesthetic traits of his work with DCD but it's far more sparse instrumentally. I like to think of it as a combination of dream pop and folk. Whatever this sonic amalgamation's identity, it's mind-bendingly beautiful. His voice suits the acoustic guitar and occasional flourishes of string incredibly well, and his lyrics are affecting. People who like Trespassers William and The Cure should definitely be interested in this guy's work.



  1. i think ill get this is it on the sputnik databse?

  2. yeah man I added it a while ago. It's so good dude

  3. Check out Brendan's 'Ark' too if you're not too turned off by political lyrics... Oh and Peter Bjärgö's "A Wave of Bitterness", the Arcana album that 'got away'!

  4. Just heard 'Eye of the Hunter', this is a superb disc!! Thanks brodangus!