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Friday, May 27, 2011

Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance

Still sounds so fresh, after over 30 years.

This is post-punk at its finest ladies and gents. Plenty of rock, punk, and experimentation rolled together, with odd vocals to top it off. The vocals are probably the only part I could see people having a problem with, but really, everyone should check this out.

The Modern Dance

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Andrew Hill - Point of Departure

Holy shit, you guys see that line-up? Yeah this is one of those monster gatherings of musicians.

Released in '64, this record has Andrew Hill at his prime, deconstructing the post-bop idiom to suit his own avant-garde leanings. The great Tony Williams was still early in his career then, but of course, playing with the confidence of a seasoned veteran, working with Richard Davis on bass extremely well. On top of that, we have the triple-threat horn section of Henderson, Dolphy and Dorham. Man, what a great combination of different styles.

This is perfect for anyone who is yet to experience anything slightly left-of-centre in their jazz, as it's still very accessible, but extremely intriguing. Essential to anyones collection.

Point of Departure

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Geto Boys - The Geto Boys

Essentially, this 1990 album is a re-release and revamping of their '89 album Grip It! On That Other Level, also containing tracks from Making Trouble. They got picked up by Rick Rubin, re-recorded most of those tracks, and released it on Def American.

This is the perfect showcase of Geto Boys' collective talents, with great smooth beats, and lyrics that would make Odd Future fans cream their pants. Essential stuff for anybody into the more hardcore/gangsta side of hip hop (should be all of you bitches).

The Geto Boys

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scarface - Mr. Scarface Is Back

Part of the great early southern crew Geto Boys (who I'll probably post something from in the near future), Scarface had his solo debut in '91 with this gem. Pretty funky stuff, with a bit of the west coast flavour in both the beats and gangsta styling. Some of the samples are just fucking great too.

Strange that he's not really that well known, seeing as this is a really good debut, and he was a part of a solid crew; though I guess they were overlooked too. Also, he did the whole dying on the last track thing a few years before biggie did it.

Mr. Scarface Is Back