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Saturday, July 31, 2010

90 Day Men - To Everybody

Time seems to slow down on To Everybody and that's why I compare it to the last seconds of life; the moment where everything stops and you're left with either overwhelming feelings of hope or meloncholic despair.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Aw man now im all sad :(

this rules


Kyte - Kyte

Been back at uni for a few days, has been interesting, more interesting than I'd anticipated actually. Have really been into Kyte at the moment. They're a dream pop/shoegazey/post rock concoction from Leicestershire in England. Their music is fairly unoriginal but it's so well done and beautiful that those reservations I had about it were quickly shunted aside. Vocals also do the trick. They're quite subtle too; you'll hear something in the music that you didn't notice had been incorporated, like a violin hum or an electronic shimmer. The production on this is also quite interesting. It was all recorded in one of the band members' bedrooms, lending a quite ethereal effect to the music, as a lot of the instrument tracks bleed into one another in the music.

very pretty listen.

Here's the opening track and lead single from the album, "Planet:"

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Megiddo - The Devil and the Whore

like burning down a church while still inside only to walk out unscathed and hop on your Harley.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Judgement Day - Dark Opus

'Bout to smoke some fine herb. Couldn't find a dude with haze so I guess a dub of dank ass kush will do the trick.

Gonna go buy a dutch, roll up a fatty, and listen to this.

Ampere - The First Five Years

Insanely fast-paced screamo/hardcore with minute long songs. Seriously, it's 29 songs and it's about 29 minutes long.

It also rules

If I didn't convince you these guys rose out of the ashes of seminal screamo band Orchid.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Floating Out In Space

I think the best way to die would be to float out in space, allow your air supply to slowly leak out of your suit, and just drift away in what is probably the closest place to heaven you will ever see. I can't imagine the beauty out there, the wonder of how fucking big the universe is and how small we really are in the grand scheme of things. I imagine I would die happy and peaceful, among the stars we reach for in our everyday lives.

Grilled Cheese

There's nothing like a good gooey grilled cheese sandwich. One of the simpler meals to make, it's also one of the best. Simply butter your bread, fry that shit up, put some chizzle on it, and marvel at the goodness.

Goes good with some creamy tomato soup too

Also, here's some Phantom Planet for yall

Phantom Planet

Guys, Cthulhu ain't no joke

The Mothman

If you haven't already heard of this phenomenon that occured in the late 60's, allow me to fill you in.

The mothman is a creature that many residents of Point Place, West Virginia have reported seeing late at night around an abandoned U.S. Federal missile and weapons facility. Many drivers along the highway that is adjacent to the facility saw a 7' tall grey human-shaped being with giant wings and red eyes lurking in the fields. Some even said that the creature had no head, and its beaming red eyes were embedded into its chest. Some people even reported that The Mothman would follow their car for miles and could get up to speeds of 100 MPH. All I know is fuck yeah, this guy seems cool and I would like to chill and smoke a doobie wit him.

Here is a picture of my nigga from West Virginia

What The Mothman listens to while terrorizing people:

Impetuous Ritual - Relentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence

Keyboards and Cthulhu?

So keyboards are pretty sucky for the most part, right? I mean sure that's a pretty huge generalisation but when I think keyboards I think lame synthcore or stupidly overblown faux-black metal and, well, that shit sucks. You know something that doesn't suck though? Cthulhu. After having wound up with Cthulhu as my deity after doing this I've decided that he's one badass motherfucker.

He'll eat your kids and he won't think a fucking thing of it, no sir.

What revelance does he have to keyboards, however? Well, Teen Cthulhu are a hardcore band with keyboards that don't suck dick. In fact they're really fucking cool. All raw and pissed off and angry except different because they have keyboards and incorporate black metal into it all. Plus they have Cthulhu in their name and I kind of have a huge boner for that right now.

Teen Cthulhu - Ride The Blade

Alasdair Roberts - Spoils

Folk with a scottish accent. lyrics paint an amazing picture and instrumentation is beautiful get it yo

A Plethora of Off Minor

Well not really a plethora because that implies an excess, and as any hardcore or screamo fan will tell you: you can never have enough Off Minor.

So yeah started listening to their flawless 2008 EP Some Blood just now and needed to post everything they've done so the world can revel in the brilliance that is Off Minor. Here is everything I have of theirs, the topmost being the most essential and the bottom-most being least essential.
They're all fantastic though.

Off Minor - The Heat Death of the Universe (LP)
Off Minor - Some Blood (EP)
Off Minor - Innominate (LP)
Off Minor and Killie (Split)
Off Minor - Problematic Courtship
Off Minor and I Am The Resurrection (Split)
Off Minor and St. Alban's Kids (Split)
Off Minor and My Disco (Split)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hellyeah felt like doing a neoclassical post so here goes.

Daniel Bjarnason - Processions

Guy who did the orchestral arrangements on Sigur Ros' last album. "But that album sucked" I hear you say. Well yes, but that's because of Sigur Ros' writing abilities not because of Bjarnason's orchestral skills. So do yourself a favour and listen to this fantastic slice of beautifully produced neoclassical orchestral music. It's incredible.

Arvo Pärt - Alina

Minimalist perfection from the Estonian magician. Get this if you aren't pathetic.

Max Richter - The Blue Notebooks

Since his latest is up on here I thought I'd add in this as well.

Nine Inch Nails - All the Love in the World

Yeah been listening to this song hard. If you're familiar with any of NIN's heavier stuff this song's transition should fucking confound you.

It's also awesome. I mean I'm no huge NIN fan but

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Best Post-Hardcore Album of 2010

That's right folks, letlive have finally reached the peak of their creative aspirations and released the album of their careers. Almost every song has a near jaw-dropping moment and the soaring chanting vocals and crushing rhythms have already defined my summer. Who knows the heights this can acheive?

letlive - Fake History


So yeah got back from Europe today. Has been pretty sweet. Visited Rome, Florence, Vienna and Prague.

Rome was sweet except the only song MTV ever played was this fucking one:

I mean it was hilarious but lost much of its appeal around the second time.

Vienna and Florence were both really interesting but after Rome they lacked some oomph.

Prague is actually the best city ever and anyone who likes good things should go there and revel in the amazingness that is Prague. It has cheap, amazing food, cheap, amazing beer and it's got history coming out of its ass.

Just don't go on a fucking segway tour.


If there's one thing you cannot possibly look cool doing, whoever you are, wherever you are and however you do it, is riding a segway.

see? they're fucking POLICEMEN with GUNS and they still don't look cool.

Even I didn't.

Alas my memories of the Czech Republic will always be tainted by such an experience.

Anyways, I decided to do a triple album thingy, each album coming from one of the countries I visited, Italy, Austria and The Czech Republic.


Forgotten Tomb - Springtime Depression

Depressive Blackened Doom Metal basically. Idk some say it's blackened doom some say it's depressive black so I combined the two in case there's actually a difference between the genres. Production is cool. Crisp but with that edge of coldness that gives the guitars that luverly saw like quality we like our black metal to have here on LTL. Songs are long, atmospheric and very accessible. Vocals rule too. Cmon, doomy atmosphericy black metal. Listen.


Fennesz - Venice

This guy is a superb ambient artist who has released about three really great albums under this moniker.

Czech Republic

Bedřich Smetana - Má vlast

Classical music from the later 1800s that includes influences from Czech folk music and liberal use of tone painting. Má vlast is a series of six musical pieces that describe the wonders of the Czech land through sound. The highlight is undoubtedly the amazing "Vltava" which describes a river. Its use of flutes to illustrate a flowing river is stunning. Smetana is regarded as the father of Czech music. This really is a brilliant piece. Cannot recommend this highly enough. Here's Vltava for you. Just listen to its opening.

Max Richter - Infra

This is so good, one of the best albums of the year. Get lost in the dimly lit world of Max Richter.

Neoclassical goodness

Noise Punx

Hey you guys I just invented noise punk do you guys want to see, it's like punk except noisier with fuzzy guitar and stuff, you know what I mean? Oh wait, what's that - you don't care? Well then I guess I won't bother RAH RAH RAH RAH RAH RAH RAH, NO TO EVERYTHING.

Just listen to the first fucking track, jeez.

Pissed Jeans - King of Jeans

Amon Duul II - Yeti

Spacey, psychadelic rock for people like you and me.

Space out, man

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hey where'd everyone go

Is there anybody ouuuttt thereee?

Like that one time you punched yourself in the dick except with more guitars and less infertility.

Brutality - Screams of Anguish