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Monday, June 28, 2010

Japan can bring the skramz

If Envy weren't proof enough of this then thankfully we have Heaven In Her Arms and Killie to bolster the ranks of really fucking good screamo. Now this might sound a little offensive but I'm kind of surprised these Japanese folks can come across as quite so emotional, normally they seem a bit, well, lacking on the emotional front (fuck yeah, sweeping generalisations). Regardless - new Heaven In Her Arms album right hurr. It's intense, sort of black metally and just plain awesome i.e. just listen to it because I said so.

Heaven In Her Arms - Paraselene

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Dog Just Ate A Shitload Of Chocolate

Isn't that bad or something? And yes, my posts are gonna be stuff like this because I can't post about kittenz or Japan or my worldliness because then I'd be lying... and I'm an honest guy... a really handsome honest guy, as seen below. That means you have to listen to me when I tell you to listen to some really handsome, honest music. Deal? Deal.

Listen to music from one of the ugliest album covers in existence. They're not as handsome as me.
This art is much cuter, but don't expect this music to be as honest as honest Eric.



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Japannnnnn

Got in to Tokyo yesterday. Place is so humid right now goddamn. It's cool though coz I got to see my family and KITTENS fuck they're cute. They're not really kittens anymore actually, they're basically fully grown. Still adorable though.

Anyways here's some Japanese music

Envy - Insomniac Doze - post rock screamo

Corrupted - El Mundo Frio - sludge

1000 Travels of Jawaharlal - 終わりは来ない - screamo

Intestine Baalism - Anatomy of the Beast
- melodic death metal

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence - neoclassical, electronic

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Waking up in the morning fucking sucks. You get up feeling no more rested than you did the night before and you still have an entire day of bullshit to look forward to. Just wonderful. Now happy music just isn't going to cut it, you have work and frankly any kind of cheer is just going to piss you the fuck off. So you get out some Low (an aptly named band) and begin the trek to work feeling hopelessly sorry for yourself.

Low - I Could Live In Hope

You get into work and your boss looks at you funny, so you glare back at him. I mean who the fuck does this snotty little man think he is anyway? He strolls up to you and asks to have a quiet word. Pretentious faggot. If he wants to say anything he can say it out loud - right here. Being the docile animal that you are, you follow him into his office and he promptly states that you're work is 'less than satisfactory'. Bullshit. You work your fucking ass off so that he and his smug little colleagues can do jack shit all day. We'll see about that. Your ears roar as you close your hands around his throat, forcing the air from his lungs and pounding his head over and over again into the desk, taking delight in how he bleeds all over the horrendously expensive upholstery.

Weekend Nachos - Bleed EP

You leave the office with an enormous grin plastered on your face. After all, today is a good day. You knew it would be when you woke up this morning. Or at least deep down you did. I mean, it's the height of summer after all! Just think of all the lazy days in the sun ahead of you, think of all the girls that will undoubtedly be draping themselves half-naked all over your body. Maybe you could even invite one over to your house and show her what you keep in the basement. After a couple of drinks of course, you know from experience they have trouble running away after a few of those. Yes, today is a good day.

Chalk Talk - The Food Chain

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Godspeed You! Black Emperor Live

Since Godspeed is playing live in England (fuck you SlightlyEpic) I thought I'd celebrate their reunion by posting a live bootleg from L'Olympic in 2003.
You cannot miss this. It's a terrific live performance.

And if you can't make it to any of the venues in England, this is your best alternative.

Hey it's really sunny right now

Sup qwe how are things all the way on the other side of the world treating you? Oh man, it's raining? Aww, that sucks I'm sorry man, hey listen up did you hear Godspeed You! Black Emperor are touring and shit! Hell yeah man, they're touring the UK or something, shit's going to be intense - like seriously, you do not want to miss it. I get the feeling it'll be a completely life-changing experience, I mean who knows how long they're even going to stay around this time? I'm not exactly sure why they've chosen the UK pretty much exclusively, particularly given that they're actually Canadian, but I'm sure as hell not complaining. You know you want to hop over the ocean and come chill with me, right? Anyway here are their tour dates and they're also doing the Nightmare Before Christmas festival thing along with Neurosis (yeah I would kill to go to that too but I'm pretty sure it's all booked out, not that I could afford it anyway).

F# A# Infinity

Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada

Lift Your Skinny Fists To Heaven


Just tried sleeping a bit but rain keeps fucking hitting the roof and the roof is made of tin so it makes a monumental racket and I'm all FUCKOFF RAIN and it's all NO in the form of continuous noise.


Rain music for y'all

Agalloch - Of Stone, Wind and Pillor
black/folk/post rock

Drudkh - Blood In Our Wells atmospheric black

Film School - alwaysnever shoegaze

Mobb Deep - The Infamous hip hop

Add some rain to it

You know that feeling?

You know that feeling you get where you have waited for a new album by one of your favorite bands to come out for a long time now, and then when it drops and you listen to it, and you really fucking like it? Yeah, that just happened.

Leaving New York

New York is one hell of a place. It's crowded, hot, cold, overwhelming, but it can also be a place of much fun and adventure. There's a certain sense of romance in the air; the feeling that at any moment the girl of your dreams will be sitting on that park bench, alone, waiting for the same things you are. It's a dreamers town, where anything is possible and karma's a bitch.

I will surely miss the beauty of it all.

Maybe some shoegaze will cheer me up

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm in yo coffee shop, studyin' yo philosophy + Extortion

Plato had a theory about reality that deals with two worlds. One, the world of forms, is an inherently perfect and good world containing forms upon which the other world, our "physical" world is based, but everything in our world is but an inferior copy of the forms of the perfect world, even concepts such as mathematics, and we couldn't even comprehend what constitutes "perfection."

And I don't give a shit.

Fuck you Plato. Had you spent more time outside, not focused on thinking up far-fetched shit and being wrong all the time you'd have had a better life with lots of poon, you huge-brained git. And y'know what the ultimate result of all your thinking has been? A FUCKING 2 HR EXAM YOU FUCK.

Anyways, your theory is proved worthless by the existance of Scarlett Johansson's lips, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and the Radiohead song "Lucky."

Ugh also the dude at the counter is looking at me funny. I think he wants me to buy another coffee. Piss off. If you charge double the price you shouldn't be suprised when I buy half the amount I normally would. It's good coffee though.

I think time is fucked

It feels like this blog has been around way longer than 4 or 5 days. I think it might have something to do with not sleeping, every day sort of blurs into the next and every minute seems to take an awful long time. Insomnia sucks. The only solution to not sleeping is to take your mind off it with the aid of dreamy, reverb-drenched music. This is where Broken Water comes in - they sound sort of like My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth stuck together in a blender. You're thinking "oh hey that sounds cool", aren't you? Well yeah, you're right, it is cool. Also, when it comes down to it, who needs sleep anyway?

Broken Water - Whet

Red Dead Redemption

I've been playing this game all day, it's pretty sweet. It has guns and horses and cowboys and shit. And lassos! Oh man, lassos. I lassoed this bitch, tied her up and dropped her on the train tracks. Hell yeah. Then I waited close to 10 minutes for the fucking train to come along, what a waste of time and just to put insult to injury it wasn't even that gory or anything. There is, however, no moral to this story. Other than that cowboys are still badass despite what that stupid fucking Brokeback Mountain movie wants you to think. It must be gay propaganda. Cowboys don't take shit from nobody.

I'm a cowboy, motherfucker. The only downside to being a cowboy is that there are people out there trying to stop whatever badass things you want to do. You know, sheriffs and stuff. I'm not too sure if a sheriff actually qualifies as being a cowboy himself, but he's a cowboy killer. He kills cowboys. Well only if he's good I guess, if not I suppose the cowboys kill him. A Day in Black and White are a band that support the killing of cowboys. How edgy is that?

A Day in Black and White - My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys

Friday, June 18, 2010

Antoine Dufour - Existance

I picked up an acoustic guitar once and it didn't sound nearly as good as this.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shellac - At Action Park

Noise rock from the man Albini. It's murky, harsh, catchy and funkay.

I can't imagine many people disliking this tbh.


Dirty Elegance - Finding Beauty in the Wretched

Ever watch a thunderstorm? I remember back when I was young, my grandpa and I would sit in our favorite chairs on the screened in porch and watch as the rain and lightning filled our senses with calmness and clarity. We would sometimes throw a nerf ball around, sometimes just talk, and sometimes just watch. My grandpa is gone now but as I reflect on our time together I realize how freaking cool storms are.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cooking + Myrkgrav

It's funny when cafeterias try and prepare dishes with more gastronomic credibility than say, a chicken schnitzel. It's like they're attempting to show us that even though they're stuck spooning out fish and chips to young men and women who don't spare them so much as a second glance, they could too make good food, but they just choose not to. Now I wouldn't have a problem with this if they actually lived up to the expectations their ambitious meal choices forced on us, but they don't. Today, for example, I was treated to a choice between nachos, veggie patties and some chinese-style stir fry complete with bits of chicken and hokkien noodles. I'm a big fan of nachos and veggie patties, but the thought of having stir fry soon extinguished my chances at having either of those. I mean, nachos are standard cafeteria fare, as are veggie patties if there is an indignant vegetarian within a half mile radius of the place, but come on: HOKKIEN NOODLES.

How fucking good does that look.

It's amazing how delicious hunger can make even the crappiest food seem.
Anyways long story short, my meal sucked and I ended up with an empty belly (well that's not true I had some tiny teddies fuck yeah tiny teddies.)

My point is that when cafeterias trying something even remotely fancy and ambitious it is bound to end in failure. If Blink-182 tried to write a symphony everyone would be like fuck off and go back to writing 3 min pop songs, so why is it ok for this kind of tomfoolery allowed to happen in the kitchen? It shouldn't be and I'm fucking taking a stand.

On a side note heres some fantastic folk/black metal for y'all

LyRix oV tHe DaayYy

More like lyrics of the gay, am I right? No I'm not right, it's Pg.99, motherfuckers.

You are every ounce of horror, every reminding second of a completely terrible life. You’re the single most constant mistake of why most my body aches, and from the cold, iron shackles you locked around my heart to the chunks of my life you picked out from your teeth. I remember for a second about the person I used to be. (- We Left As Skeletons)

I can't fucking stand people.

Pg.99 - Document #8

Hope you appreciate this is the only post of it's kind that will ever exist since qwe doesn't like homos. He's a homophobe. A fag hater. It's okay I still love him though, we're tight not loose like the title of this blog might suggest.

Feelin' so bro right now

Qwe's jealous you can tell, I mean just look at him sitting there glaring at his computer screen with utmost contempt. He just needs to chill hardcore and maybe sit back and grab a slice of pizza or something. I mean pizza is like one of the least pretentious foods when you think about it, there's pizza and then a bunch of shit you can put on top of it - pretty chill right? I mean it's not like pizza is gonna put what sounds disconcertingly like a ska song close to the end of a punishing hardcore album along with a nod to Godspeed You! Black Emperor in there somewhere. No sir, definitely not, that would just be plain absurd. Right?

Catharsis - Passion

Abysmal Torment - Incised Wound Suicide

Not only is it one of the best death metal albums of the past decade, it will also clean your cat's litter box and help grandma out with the dishes. Thanks satan! :D

Do you ever feel hopeless?

Just completely devoid of life, like there's no real point to getting up and working your bullshit 9 to 5 job in order to buy things you ultimately have absolutely no need for? Well what you need is some skramz in your life. Something to scream along to when nobody else is around. I mean, it would be pretty embarrassing if someone was around, wouldn't it? Wait, what's that? You don't give a fuck? Well that's the right attitude, man, you go around and scream your fucking lungs out. I'm with you in spirit, dude. I'm with you in spirit.

Loma Prieta - Life/Less

Comadre/Glasses - Split

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stars of the Lid - Avec Laudenum

Hey dude

Wake up.
Wake up

It's uh...4 a.m.
Because I wanted to show you something.
C'mon I made you breakfast. You like Froot Loops right? Good, eat up.

Get in the car.

I'm not telling, you'll have to see for yourself.

Almost there.

In about a minute.

What's your watch say? Dash clock is fried.
Sweet, we should be right on time. Yeah, we are. I can tell.

Now look up

Agatus - Dawn of Martyrdom

So last night while I was riding my horse to Notterdam, this stupid knight cuts me off and I'm all like "fuck you, good sir" and he's all like ZING with his sword and I'm all like bleeding and shit. Man, medieval times sucked.


I have been sick for days now, it's getting kind of old. You know what isn't getting old though? The new Ceremony album. At first I didn't even like it all that much since it wasn't what I was expecting at all, however it's grown on me like some kind of perpetually pissed-off parasite and I can't get enough of it. SICK OF BLACK FLAG SICK OF CRO MAGS shit is so punk rawk.

Ceremony - Rohnert Park


Nick Cave references are fucking hard to make when it's only two words and you can't actually convey what it sounds like bar some lame half-assed onomatopoeia.


Anyways I'd like to follow on from Slightly's post about what I'd like to refer to as "sandwich makers" but can't for fear of coming off as disgustingly sexist. And plus I'd be afraid that these guys would sue me.

Anyways, yes. Let me present you with this:

That's Dianna Agron from the musical TV comedy Glee, and as you can see she is gorgeous.
Now It'd be very bold to say she was the hottest thing that's ever walked the planet, but let me provide some food for thought:


That smile, in which the whitest teeth are revealed by those impossibly impeccable DSL* and the perfect way they come together at flawless junctions at either side of her mouth seems to be inviting me to go places no one, man or woman, would object to going. I subject myself to you Dianna and accept your invitation. Take me now and I will be yours forever after. And we will dance around bonfires with leaves and flowers in our hair, and be merry with red wine in our hands and figs we picked from wild bushes in little cane baskets hanging in the crooks of our elbows.

And we can listen to this always.


This shit looks gay as fuck

Kevin said so. Although he wouldn't know crusty skramz if it wriggled it's way in between his buttcheeks and impregnated his large intestine.

Brume Retina - Agresse Gueule

Blackfilm - Blackfilm

Pessimistic comfort and unholy relation in a post-rock sort of way. Listen up you goons.

too many fucking super mutants goddamn

My biggest problem with grindcore is that it's a pretty limited genre. Basically, lots of bands in this group sound extremely similar and it's shit. It's also actually the only means through which you could ever link grind and ska musically. Which is good because ska can suck my dick.

The "constraint" issue is a common complaint, usually made by people who know nothing about grind. But hey, Qwe knows more grind than you, and he can prove it.

Gigantic Brain sounds nothing like any grind you've ever heard except for the fact that it will sonically castrate you.

BTW this is one fucking guy.

also SlightlyEpic sucks at Fallout 3

Gigantic Brain - The Invasion. 63 Tracks of absolute insanity.


We all love them and hate them simultaneously. I mean they can be super fucking annoying, but at the same time really, really damn good to look at. Thankfully we can compromise by looking at pictures of bitches instead.

Case in point: Girl I inadvertantly fell in love with. I have so many pictures of her you don't even know. But what to go along with her? Well you could always listen to Carissa's Wierd. It's eerily haunting and depressing as fuck so if you do that whole thing where you hang yourself and masturbate to the above simultaneously, well, it wouldn't bother you too much if you accidently killed yourself. I mean it's not like you'll ever get with her anyway. She won't ever love you like you love her. Or like I love her. Or...

Carissa's Wierd - Songs About Leaving

Fuck Yeah

So yeah this is a blog started by a few dudes who are either the lamest people ever or the world's saviors.

Could be both actually.

The point is that this shiny, pristine slice of internet has been set aside expressly for our thoughts, ideas, ponderings, musings, dialogues, diatribes, drivel, inventions, inklings, wonderances and dreams.

Also, we will post some sweet ass music.

Case in point:

Watchmaker - Erased From The Memory of Man